03 Jan

January Meeting - Portraits

Posted by Kate

Here's some notes from an email from Yana Trevail, the demonstrator at the January 14th Meeting. I feel it is easier to send you this so that you know what she suggests. As far as I can remember, there are tables available and I am sure the list is not set in tablets of stone. Hope to see lots of you there!

I am looking forward to meeting your members on the 14th. Could you please ask them to make sure they bring with them the following:
1. Oil paints and turps. Jar for turps.
2. Black and whiter acrylic. Jar for water.
3. Brushes. Larger long handled.
4. Three 12 x 12 inch boards, all Primed BLACK (Use any water-based paint). One to be used as support eg Canvas board or hardboard (smooth side!) the others as a palettes.
5. Portable easel or table easel.