09 Sep

First Session at the Parish Rooms

Posted by Andy

Monday 8th September was a historic day for the Group. We held our first monthly session at our new venue, the Parish Rooms on Plymouth Road. We had around 36 members attending - more than attended any event during the last season - and, judging by the feedback, everyone enjoyed the extra space for this hands-on session. As can be seen from the pictures above, we had space to wander round, to socialise and to discuss each others' works.

Ian Pethers, our Exhibition Secretary, put on a brilliant opening event - it was jaw-dropping to watch what he managed to create in under two hours with a black marker pen - a greatly enlarged version of one of his distinctive and highly prefessional pen drawings. As well as his clear and valuable instruction, he also found time for a wide variety of anecdotes which were thoroughly appreciated by the members.

Although by no means compulsory, many elected to join in with what, for many, was a very new approach to art. The standard of the resulting works must have encouraged many to take it further at home. In all, it was a very successful first session, greatly appreciated by those attending.