11 Nov

Membership Update

Posted by Kate

Having finally rounded up members who did not enrol on the Sept 3 Enrolment evening, I am now able to report that we have 71 Members. We lost 11 throughout the year for various reasons, but gained 15. I am sure that you will all do your best to encourage new members to join - good opportunity at tomorrow night's demonstration on Techniques on Water.

Some 14 members do not have email, so if you are aware of another member who does not have this facility, would you consider passing on information to them if they live "down the road" from you? I do try to minimise the postage that can be involved at certain timeswhen members do not or cannot get to the monthly meetings to pick up their membership cards, exhibition entry forms etc. Just a thought!

Again on the subject of email and contact, please remember to let me know if you have any changes either phone, address or email. How I hate those emails with underscoring!!!!!