23 Apr

The Saltash Chronicles Embroidery Project

Posted by Jen

I thought this was sufficiently local to be of interest to members of the TGA, who might like to offer their skills:

The Saltash Chronicles Embroidery Project is a 'living' community project bringing together local artists and craft workers to produce a 100ft long embroidered illustrated history of Saltash. The concept is to design, draw and embroider approximately 50 scenes depicting the history of Saltash including scenes from the Second World War, the building of the Guildhall and the construction of the Tamar Bridge. The final work, which will take two or three years to complete, will be open to public viewing when completed.

The Saltash Chronicles Embroidery Project was set up by Andrew Tritton who first started sewing to pass the time when he was in the Royal Navy. He first proposed the idea of creating the tapestry to the town's heritage society and has now received £600 funding from Saltash Town Council to cover some of the project costs.

The Project is now looking to recruit artists of all abilities to draw the scenes required - Andrew has a list of Saltash locations that need to be 'drawn' in a suitable style. Contact Andrew Tritton rubyport@fsmail.net for more information.