Krystyna RobertsMember

Artist Details

I was trained at Plymouth College of Art for four years and specialised in Painting and Lithography. I then did a Post Graduate year at Goldsmiths College London University. I taught Art in London for six years firstly as an Art Assistant then as Head of Department at Secondary level.

I spent two years in Spain from 2004-2006 and exhibited and sold paintings at a gallery in Jimenar de la Frontera, Southern Spain. Since returning to England I have exhibited at the Duchy Gallery Princetown, the Town Hall Tavistock and also at the Elford Gallery and the Mayfair Gallery Tavistock.

My main interest lies in landscapes although I also like to paint composite paintings with figures and objects. I tend to heighten colour in the landscapes as I see intense colour there. My training as a lithographer drives me to paint many layers of colour and I build these up as I progress with the painting, it adds depth of colour. I am also fascinated by light, shape and surface and try to immerse myself into the landscape, into the wood, grass, stone and sky in order to reflect the diversity of the varying surfaces and textures. I like the extreme detail of the local Dartmoor trees, the hawthorns with their twisted forms and gnarled twigs and the tiny shapes these twigs create.

I am also interested in seeing forms from unusual angles which create a challenge for the observer. I have been working with sunsets as the colours are spectacular. My inspiration will always be Dartmoor.