Margaret StenningMember

Artist Details

I grew up in Kent where I discovered from a very early age the joys of drawing, painting and modelling with all sorts of media and materials.By the time I left school I knew that I would always want to be involved in the world of art and went to Dudley College in the Midlands to study art and work towards a B Ed degree after which I returned to the Kent-London borders to teach in a mixed secondary school. I also continued with my own painting and pottery at this time and had a few small exhibitions in the North Kent area.

I later spent some time teaching art in Nottingham and then moved with my husband to New Zealand where, whilst teaching art part time and starting a family, I became involved with the Otago potters group and learned a great deal from the very creative group of artists there. I sold pottery and paintings in South Island exhibitions and upon returning to England continued with my own work in a small way whilst teaching part time and raising the family.

I later returned to teaching full time in a special school where, amongst other duties, I ran the art department and used a wide variety of media to help the youngsters to discover their own talents and interests. Since retiring from teaching three years ago I have more time to devote to my own work and have joined the TGA to help to develop my art work further. I am currently working with acrylic paint, pen and ink, fine wire and porcelain clay. The Dartmoor and West Country life and scenery provide a huge range of patterns and landscapes to interpret in different ways and I am trying out a variety of new ideas and styles which I find exciting and rewarding.